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online fashion store: the creation! (or part of it)

I had never, even for one second, thought that there would come a day that I would start a business in the fashion industry. I had always felt that fashion is too overwhelming for me;  so much should be considered before one could find the elusive “perfect” outfit. The designs and colors of the dress should match the skin tone of the wearer; the shapes and shades should compliment the figure of the person; the details should go well with the mood of the day; the structure of the outfit should be part of the “in” style.. the list goes on and on and on. As every second passes by, a new style is being made, an artistic fashion designer ends up thousands of pesos (or dollars) richer, and clothing factories produce a new line of clothes; and here I am rambling about fashion and style. I am quite the productive person, am I not?

So how DID I end up with an online fashion store? Well, I blame my boyfriend for that one. It started (just like any typical story) a long long time ago, last month specifically. It was the end of classes and summer days are fast approaching. My boyfriend wanted to do something unique, creative, and inventive to make the summer special – actually, he was up for anything just as long as we do something for summer- and like the awesome girlfriend that I am, I created  a list of activities for summer.  Here’s a sneakpeek:

  • learn a new language
  • make fairy lights!!!
  • make our own shirts
  • learn how to play ze violin
  • make a moving toy dog or any animal (wanted to do since i was young >_< )
  • do the coke mentos experiment
  • build a solar oven and make yummy pizza/smores :>
  • learn how to make smoke bombs

A short time after the list, he told me he wanted to start our business. Can you see how compatible we are? I wanted to do fairy lights, he wanted to set up an online business. Not just any online business, an online women’s clothing store. 

And obviously, I agreed to it. You could see on the left side of the page a countdown. Only a few more days until we launch Frolic Hearts!

So readers, here’s the prologue of our online fashion store (and blog) and i’ll leave you hanging for now.  Stay with me and I’ll tell you the rest as we experience it and maybe you could pick up bits of the do’s and don’ts in running an online business.

Wanna hear my boyfriend’s side of the story? check out his blog at frolichearts@blogspot.com

Ja ne,