Tug to Blog: Pros and Cons of Blogging

The tug to blog has been persistent today. I don’t even know what I want to talk about. Or, rather, I am not sure whether I want to talk about it.

Well, that sounds dramatic, but I assure you it really is not. I guess it’s just a thought on blogging. I know blogging may look easy for those valiant readers. Authors and writers get to choose any topics they want, write in any form and perspective, and create avenues for debates or pools of knowledge.

Blogging acts as a release. A lot have tried their hands at blogging merely because they need to rant. Pent up anger. Confusion. Joy. Fear.  Any emotion could be conveyed by a simple post. The amount of stress could be lessened by the thought that somewhere out there, someone is reading your blog and sympathizing at the crappy-ness of your day. The relief that others could relate to your situation and would even offer some tips to get by has been tantamount to a gentle nudge to the shoulder with a matching, “It’ll be okay. Don’t worry.

Open tab. Type: how to (insert action) (insert noun). Enter and what do you get? Tutorials, Wiki probably, and blogs. Blogs have been a big hit in providing answers: a compilation of tried-and-tested or well-researched information. All those know-it-alls have found a great outlet to share trivia, tips, and even warnings. From the most mundane thing like eating a banana to the complex topics like how is it possible to clone people, there would be existing blogs that would later turn into debates which someone would eventually compile and turn into another blog.

For some, blogging has even been their source of income  – and this is true, you could make lots of money from blogging, though this is not the right blog to read if that is your wish.

But authors and writers also open themselves to the criticism of the public. You can’t please every reader that happens to read your blogs. Be the devil’s advocate and a number would rise and defiantly tell you you’re wrong. People would automatically think bad of you if you right about a certain sensitive topic in an off-hand manner. They would demand sympathy in certain situations. As such, you can’t really blog about everything without following a few unwritten protocol and not worry about repercussions

There would always be internet haters who, regardless of topic, would disagree just for the fun of it. Sometimes, when things even go out of hand, comments would turn from the topic to the author. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re stupid.” The harsher ones would tell you to suck it up and life is just unfair. Quit being a baby. Grammar Nazis (though I am a bit of one) would comment on your use of words rather than the actual content.

But asides from the watchful and judgmental eyes of readers, You could also have none of it. As in no readers, viewers, no anything.

Blogging is fun, but it’s not easy. Actually, the hardest thing about blogging is publishing it and waiting.

But then again, that never stopped true bloggers from posting.


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