Frolic Hearts

frolic hearts: fun and fashion intertwined.

frolic hearts official logo

Fashion is anyone’s game and everyone is a hero and an enemy of each other. As we look at the people around us, we could not help but form judgments based on their external features. We are impressed by impeccable taste, displeased by clashing carelessly strewn get ups, and indifferent towards neutral every day wear. Fashion in itself is another way of communication – I have a business presentation today. I can’t wait to meet him! Would she say yes? Today is a happy day. Back off. It is for this reason that fashion has become part of the top most important industries of today.

An obvious fact: people wear clothes. An equally obvious inference: people buy clothes to wear.

Such simple logic has pushed thousands of people to join the fashion industry, provide their own definition of a “fashion statement”, and make money out of it. But creating a clothing store is not only about starting a business that would someday run itself. It also translates to understanding the latest fashion trends and the needs of the customer- what makes a certain trend click? what makes a certain fashion tic? What would make YOU look for a second time? Or better yet, what would make you try it on?

Frolic Hearts is an aspiring online fashion store for the cute and trendy lady, like you. We pride ourselves with collections of affordable and high-quality women’s apparel that we know you will surely love. Frolic Hearts is a place where fun and fashion intertwine.

❤ Reese


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