Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ready. Get set. Start!

This blog is officially open! Yey!
I don’t really know what to say so I’ll just typity type away…
I and my girlfriend are planning on opening a women’s online apparel store and this blog is just a tiny part of the grand scheme of things. We have everything planned out – the blogs, the payment and delivery details, and of course, the kinds and number of clothing we’ll buy. Yep, we’re damn prepared alright. It really excites me to see good progress and know that this summer project will one day come into fruition.
Women’s apparel is a lot more exciting to sell than men’s clothing. Maybe because girls’ clothing have more variety or maybe it’s good to see girls in cute outfits. Either way it’s a lot better dressing up women than boys.
The store is set to launch its first collection on May 25 via Facebook. We’ll have our own page so please do check it out! I think our first collection will be along the lines of back-to-school dresses, skirts and blouses. It’s not yet finalized though so you better stay tuned. We’ll also release our first collection on this blog so watch out.
It is so excitiiiiiiiiiing!
How about you? What exciting things are you doing this summer?


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